Our Visit to Rome

Trip to Copenhagen Denmark

Wedding photos to be posted soon

Back from our Bahamas Cruise

We had an incredible time on the Cruise.  Perfect weather, Rode horses, ate, Kayaked, ate, swam, ate, danced, drank, gambled, drank more, walked, talked, eat again, and were simple pampered for a week.  Some of the new things we experienced while there.  Both of us loved the fresh Couch salad. We loved riding the horses in the ocean and way up on the files to see the in tire island.  The room was really nice and the restaurant was 6 out of a possible 5 stars.  We had so much for we had never had before.  Chattue-briande, and on and on.  The scrumpcoius lobster tail and steak dinner night was all you could eat.  I even had lobster tail for desert.  Nearly all the wait staff are from the Philippines and Indonesia and cannot possibly do enough for you.  We both think this was the best 25th anniversary gift parents could have recieved.