Roger Landry is a retired member of the U.S Air Force. An avid hunter, woodworking enthusiast, a graduate of McMurry University from Abilene, Texas, a Master Mason and a member of the Society of American Period Furniture Makers.

He is continually researching his Acadian family heritage along with his mothers side (White family) history and trying to contact relatives who may have photo’s and stories of many of our ancestors.  So much of our family history is lost each year as elder family members pass on.  This web site is to help family members document accurate genealogy, share stories of our ancestors and inform friends and visitors of updates on events and family news.


3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Raymond Landry said:

    Thank you for researching the Landry heritage. We had our family traced back to Jean Claude but did not have anything further. We often wondered how far back we could trace the Landry tree. Your research has helped us discover it. I had 24 1/2 years in the Air Force and two of my brothers had over 20 years in the Air Force also.

    • Lenny Masiello said:

      Roger, thank you for your service to our country. I am your brother Len’s uncle Lenny. (Hope I didn’t confuse you with all the Len’s). I served 22 years with the Air Force and Air National Guard spending time on deployments to Hickham, Davis Monthan, Nellis, Robins, Dobins and Seymour Johnson to name a few. I was delighted to read that you and Len have got together to have fun, share stories, and enjoy friendship. That’s just Great !!!
      Lenny Masiello

  2. Roger Landry said:

    Thank you as well for your service “Uncle Lenny” I had heard of him and Marie all of my life from our father and it was certainly great to meet him and spend some time with hime. I felt bad for his Red Sox here at the ball game we went to though 🙂
    I am planning to travel up to the Brunswick area to see the land of my ancestors and celebrate National Acadian day perhaps next August 15th. I’ll be staying in touch with Len and will plan for a stop by.

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